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 +======Plan your Project======
 +The decision to carry out an online participation is usually a component of a higher-level project. It is used as a method to reach better decisions, which in turn are supported by as many people as possible. However, half-hearted participation without any recognizable added value for the participants can have the opposite effect and lead to mistrust and discontent.
 +It is therefore important to plan online participation well in advance - from the rough concept to preparation to online participation to evaluation.
 +Here you will find tips and questions to help you. They are divided into 4 project phases:
 +[[en:​quickstart:​phase_1|Phase 1: Conception]]
 +[[en:​quickstart:​phase_2|Phase 2: Preparation]]
 +[[en:​quickstart:​phase_3|Phase 3: Participation]]
 +[[en:​quickstart:​phase_4|Phase 4: Evaluation]] ​
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