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 +=== Moderation ===
 +The moderators you appoint should accompany the discussion and - where necessary - intervene. Moderators should ensure compliance with the [[https://​​info/​code-of-conduct/​|Code of Conduct]]. It determines what kind of comments are not allowed on adhocracy+: commercial content is just as much a part of this as inhuman content and copyright violations. To protect participants,​ the moderator should also keep an eye on personal data that may have been published unintentionally. ​
 +In addition, the moderator should answer questions regarding content and procedures. In more complex discussions,​ it is useful to ensure that contributions are placed in the right places or in the right categories so that the different strands of the discussion are clear and can be found. ​
 +A number of moderation functions are available on adhocracy+. Contributions of the moderation are automatically marked. It is also possible to give official feedback or to indicate the processing status of an idea by means of a traffic light. The moderation note helps the moderator to keep an overview.
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