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 +===== How to register your organisation =====
 +**Step 1:** Register on adhocracy+ at https://​​accounts/​signup. Please use an e-mail address from your organisation if possible.
 +**Step 2:** Contact us via [[]] and send us the following information:​
 +  * Your username on adhocracy+ and the e-mail address you use,
 +  * Name, location and the URL to your organization'​s website. ​
 +**Step 3:** We will check your request and get back to you within max. 3 working days. Your organization will then be set up and your account will be activated as initiator for the organization. Further initiators can be added later.
 +**Step 4:** Once we have set up your organization,​ you can manage your projects through the dashboard. Our instructions at https://​ will help you with the first steps.
 +==== Free use of adhocracy+ ====
 +The following conditions apply for free use:
 +  * Upon e-mail request, we will set up an area for your organisation,​ which can then be accessed via a URL based on the pattern https://​​yourorganisation.
 +  * You can set up an unlimited number of projects and use all participation modules.
 +  * You are legally responsible for all content in your area and must fill out an imprint on adhocracy+ accordingly.
 +  * We answer support requests by e-mail ([[]]) within max. 3 working days.
 +  * We reserve the right to block the organization in case of abuse or criminal acts.
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